AML/ KYC & CTF Services -An Overview :

GenX Solutions offer a number of programs to suit your requirements from simple reviewing of your current AML-CTF & KYC  policies and processes and offering corrective solutions to deficiencies which the client implements, through to a fully managed compliance program which includes GenX Solutions managing your staff training, including your Money Laundering Reporting Office (MLRO), producing a risk analysis, training logs, Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs), dealing with Production Orders from law enforcement and helping draft Witness Statements etc. saving your precious time, resource and money.We will bring you at par with all international standards. We will make sure that your policies,your services and your Staff comply with AML-CTF & KYC  laws of our own country,FIU's  as well as those followed internationally.

We assist Money Transfer Companies,Financial Companies & Money Exchanges in the following areas of AML-CTF & KYC compliance : 

  1. Preparation of AML-CTF & KYC Policies & Manuals.
  2. Conducting Trainings Programs.
  3. Recommending and Arranging complete set of Required reports as per the FIU's ,Central Bank's & other Regulatory Authorities.
  4. Providing Software Support.