FOTREX Trading Solutions      

GenX Remittance Solutions has joined with one of the largest market makers and is offering the most aggressive FX pricing available. Our broker-dealer has been certified “BEST EXECUTION” title by the SEC, Perhaps having the deepest liquidity for Sub G20 exotic currencies with the ability to facilitate all third party payments. Our Broker-Dealer, being a non-bank financial institution is not confined by the new financial regulatory reforms (Dodd-Frank, Basel III, etc.) and allows us to offer more competitive pricing and a faster client on-boarding process.

Prime Highlights of the Forex Trading Solutions:

  1. Insightful equity technical analysis.
  2.  Expert Execution, Market Information and clearing services.
  3.  Foreign Exchange best execution and clearing services.
  4. Independent Views, Professional Services, Seasoned Expertise.
  5. Industry Expertise, Execution Services, Client-Focused Solutions.

Prime benefits of the Forex Trading Solutions:
  1. Execute 3rd party payments.
  2. Offer certified “BEST EXECUTION” by the SEC.
  3. Add tighter, more competitive pricing to existing FX liquidity pool (especially in Sub G20 currencies).
  4. Settle/clear in China in either Renminbi or Yuan.
  5. Swaps/Forwards
  6. Complete transactions in T+2 or less.
  7. Reduce paperwork due to non-bank status.
  8. Convert/settle/clear over 145 currencies.
  9.  NO transaction, platform, brokerage or set-up costs.
  10. Offer completely customizable technology.