IMTC ASIA 2016 - An Enriching Experience

Posted 10/10/2016

                                                                                                                                         IMTC ASIA 2016– An Enriching Experience

 Our learning, understanding and knowledge are developed in participation with others. Social learning occurs through conversations about the content and through grounded interactions and engagement with others. Often when we discuss a concept or issue with someone, we are internalizing and integrating it into our own personal framework. It is through social learning that we seek practical knowledge to solve our professional problems.

 International Money Transfer Conferences or IMTC   perfectly knows that much of the true learning and understanding happens in the hallways. Inside the conference education sessions, attendees receive information. Outside the education rooms, attendees start to socially construct their own understanding. Most of what we know, we have learned with and from others. ‘Learning’ , ‘Networking’ and ‘some more learning’ the must ingredients of any successful conference are managed flawlessly by Hugo Cuevas- Mohr and  his entire team of IMTC.

 Being part of the recently concluded IMTC Asia 2016 at JW Marriot New Delhi was a wonderful learning experience. Various international, local players and services providers participated and made the entire event a great learning & networking experience. Attention was drawn on the importance of remittance and their influence on the country and society. Acknowledging the importance of the sending Diaspora globally was highlighted, an area which some how lacks attention. Remittance inflows and outflows from the South East Asia were analyzed. Remittances and its impact on the GDP of country especially for  the developing country for example Bangladesh, Nepal etc  is not a hidden secret any more but still lack of implementation of laws , absence of encouraging policies from the government for their immigrant Diaspora greatly discourages the senders to invest in a long term planning. Despite of being very productive sector that can generate huge impact in the gross development of any developing nation , remittances are generally not managed  in a positive way .  There were also some great panel discussions on the new models that have emerged in recent years. The increasing usage of new models like wallets, prepaid cards, airtime transfers and its effect on the orthodox remittance model was  observed.  IMTC Asia 2016 also successfully managed to bring into light  the market disrupters through some very interesting discussions & presentations. The roles, market strategies, current & future market share of the two major disrupters for the remittance sector mobile telcos and block chains were discussed in great details.

The Global Remittance & Payment Sector, being the need of the hour, has to be brought on one platform by means of information sharing and making efforts to develop the entire sector as a whole, I must say, IMTC’s effort becomes all  the more noble . International Money Transfer Conferences very ably backed by Hugo Cuevas- Mohr successfully managed to create once such platform. IMTC Asia 2016 successfully managed in bringing South East Asia on one stage. IMTC Asia acted as an open window providing outside view through latest information to the attendees from local market about the current trends  of the international market. I must admit, IMTC Asia 2016 was  quite successful in achieving its goal of bringing everyone together although I believe there is still a lot more to be done to create awareness among local RSPs/MTO’s? banks specially in  this part of the world and to guide them to become active members of the global remittance fraternity.

I will strongly recommend each one of us associated directly or indirectly with this remittance & payment sector to become part of IMTC’s effort. IMTC Asia 2016 was a success   story and I am sure we will see more of it in future in our region. But at the moment, IMTC World at Miami is coming up on 8-11 November’2016 is surely going to be spectacular, A MUST TO ATTEND EVENT!

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