Remittance Business Outsourcing (RBO) Program

 A Specially Designed, Tailored made Business Process outsourcing program for Money Exchanges, MSB’s, Money Transfer Companies & Banks.

In this Joint Venture Program or Remittance Business Outsourcing (RBO) program, you can opt for any of the below mentioned following services:


(A) Major Services to be offered  under “Agent Network Management”

  1. Developing Remittance Agent Network by adding new Pay-in / Pay-out agents.
  2. Managing existing network/outlet operations.
  3. Marketing & Brand Management.
  4. Designing and rolling out incentive schemes for the network agents/ Beneficiaries.
  5. Training & Development of the agent.
  6. Network / Agent Management: Complains & queries from agents and Customers.
  7. Correspondence/grievances management & record maintenance.
  8. Your local contact center.

(B)  Major services to be offered  under “Backend Operational Support

  1. 24*7 Operational support
  2.  24*7  customer Care service. 
  3. AML-KYC Transaction Monitoring.
  4. System integration.
  5.  Email Management.
  6. Report management, Safe keeping & Filings
  7. Data maintenance & Analysis.